Digital Therapeutics and Pharma Summit

22 - 23 September 2021 | Vienna

In today’s environment, we can see that digital therapeutics (DTx) field represents a new generation of healthcare that uses in many cases innovative, clinically-validated disease management and direct treatment technologies in order to enhance, and in some cases replace, current medical practices and treatments for patients and their better life. There is one question which remaining the same – what are the most promising technologies in the improvement of healthcare? The answer would be easy, digital therapeutics treatments! However, the reality is much more complicated to apply. If medical health solution comes in a digital way, people do not always understand that it could be used not only for monitoring, but also for diagnostics, therapeutic treatments or just for a wellness product application. Let’s reveal what is beyond!

Hot topics that will be discussed at this annual

  • What are the opportunities and threats of digital therapeutics after COVID-19 time?
  • How science + data + technology + evidence works in DTx?
  • Let’s discuss the “success” in the digital therapeutics field
  • Tools that systematically identify and evaluate RWD sources
  • Applying artificial intelligence to promote the well-being of each patient
  • How monitoring devices can control the patient’s health?
  • Approaches that can be a model for other healthcare systems that are looking for digital innovation
  • Developing digital health ecosystems and mainstreaming safe and inclusive services
  • Can DTx companies exist with both FDA and Non-FDA regulated therapeutics?



Global Head G4A Digital Health


Transatlantic Challenges to DTx

Exploring the contrasts, challenges, and opportunities between US and EU DTx scaling.

• US and EU drivers and contrasts to DTx development
• Landscape challenges
• Recognising opportunities for transatlantic DTx development

Lauren LI

Global Head of Digital Health


Realising the Promise of Digital Health Partnerships

In the past few years, there have been a number of digital health partnerships between pharma and DTx, but we have also seen breakups, albeit with much less fanfare. In this discussion, we will draw on a few examples to consider what will help digital health partnerships go beyond the “buzz” and achieve their full potential.

• What are the areas of opportunities for pharma-digital health partnerships (partner vs. build)?
• What are the key success factors of a pharma-digital health partnership?
• What are some of the watch-outs/common challenges in a pharma-digital health partnership?
• How can a pharma company get ready for digital innovation and partnerships (e.g., culture, organisation structures, leadership endorsement)?


Head of Health Solutions


More Than Digital Therapeutics…

First qualifying in aeronautics and now 20yrs in the pharmaceutical market it is pleasing to see fundamental technologies such as miniaturisation, power management, and decentralised AI in the form of machine learning enabling a more realistic and granular view of healthcare that can lead to innovations for improved treatment decisions and outcomes. How to build a plan for (long-term) success?

• Digital therapeutics can be part of digital pharmaceutical but there is also more – What is it and why this matters?
• It is a tough(er) route do you think it is worth it?
• Define the ‘need’ carefully?
• A priori and/or machine learning


Country Lead, Vaccines


Developing Digital Health Ecosystems and Mainstreaming Safe and Inclusive Services

Healthcare traditionally functions in silos. With the introduction of digital health solutions, there is a possibility to break down the silos and design connected ecosystems. This is a whole new chapter that might improve health outcomes for all, or may turn into a wasted opportunity increasing disparities into already inequitable healthcare systems. What role can incumbents, especially pharma play in this new era?

• Can the digital health solutions be the backbone of future ecosystems?
• Do digital health solutions exacerbate disparities?
• The role of pharma and digital therapeutics in healthcare ecosystems of the future


Global Director, Digital Health Partnerships and Strategy


How DTx Can Add Value to Patient Outcomes by Helping Patients and Physicians Manage Drug and Treatment Regimens More Effectively?

In the following presentation, the speaker will talk about how making information around the patient’s own dosing behaviour available for patients and their providers have substantial impact on patients’ outcomes. The presentation will also discuss and explain the importance of engaging in open innovation ecosystems to the benefit of patients today and in the future alike.

The topics presented were interesting and I was able to take away some new ideas. I really liked hearing from other pharma companies

Daiichi Sankyo Europe

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