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Hot topics that will be discussed at this annual

  • What are the opportunities and threats of digital therapeutics after COVID-19 time?
  • How science + data + technology + evidence works in DTx?
  • Let’s discuss the “success” in the digital therapeutics field
  • Tools that systematically identify and evaluate RWD sources
  • Applying artificial intelligence to promote the well-being of each patient
  • How monitoring devices can control the patient’s health?
  • Approaches that can be a model for other healthcare systems that are looking for digital innovation
  • Developing digital health ecosystems and mainstreaming safe and inclusive services
  • Can DTx companies exist with both FDA and Non-FDA regulated therapeutics?

“Digital therapeutics are finding their way into a growing number of formularies, sitting alongside traditional pharmacotherapies. And it won’t be long until they become well integrated into medical practice.”  

Megan Coder of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance

In today’s environment, we can see that digital therapeutics (DTx) field represents a new generation of healthcare that uses in many cases innovative, clinically-validated disease management and direct treatment technologies in order to enhance, and in some cases replace, current medical practices and treatments for patients and their better life. There is one question which remaining the same – what are the most promising technologies in the improvement of healthcare? The answer would be easy, digital therapeutics treatments! However, the reality is much more complicated to apply. If medical health solution comes in a digital way, people do not always understand that it could be used not only for monitoring, but also for diagnostics, therapeutic treatments or just for a wellness product application. Let’s reveal what is beyond!

The Digital Therapeutics and Pharma Summit has been designed to answer all questions related to the current DTx landscape not only in Europe but US as well. What are the opportunities and threats? What are the software-generated interventions? How pharma-health collaboration works on innovating drug discovery and patient experience? Let’s look ahead and hear professional insights and explanations from C-level decision-makers who will share their views on how to define success in the digital therapeutics field. This international pharma conference will provide you, for the first time in our history, with real-life case studies presented by professional medical experts and you will have a great opportunity to take a deep look into companies’ values unlocking the healthcare system for better data, technology and science cooperation. Limited seats and friendly but professional atmosphere will ensure the best quality pharma summit experience with an opportunity to establish important business contacts for the future.


Members of board, C-level, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of departments from banking industry involved in:

  • Digital Therapeutics
  • Digital Healthcare
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Digital Devices
  • E-health
  • Digital Treatment
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Digital Partnerships
  • Health Partnerships
  • IT Digital
  • Health Economics
  • Health Strategy
  • Digital Strategy Innovations
  • Integrated CareDigital Technologies
  • Measurement Science
  • Digital Transformation
  • R&D Digital

Very productive and inspiring, good networking opportunities